Re-creating Dad’s Cooking – Take 1

Dad was a great cook, and he loved to eat, cook, and share. When I was little dad used to make crunchy and crispy shrimp pancakes.  Well, back in those days there was no fancy culinary jargon to describe dad’s cooking, and my sister and I simply called it “yummy deep-fried shrimp cake”. Dad used… Continue reading Re-creating Dad’s Cooking – Take 1

Szechuan Red Oil Wonton

Szechuan red oil wonton, aka “Hong Yo Chao Shou”, is originated from Szechuan province of China, where it is well known for its rich and bold, pungent and spicy favour from lavish use of chilli, garlic, and szechuan peppercorn. Sounds hot and spicy? Oh yeah! I love hot and spicy food, and yes I very… Continue reading Szechuan Red Oil Wonton