Duck Blood – The beginning and the final touch

Many Taiwanese people love mala hotpot, and they can have it all year round. One essential ingredient for mala hotpot is duck blood. Oh yes duck blood 🙂 🙂 🙂  Soft and jello-like duck blood cooked in hot and spicy broth until it’s packed with flavour. Duck blood usually is a good indicator to determine… Continue reading Duck Blood – The beginning and the final touch

Szechuan Red Oil Wonton

Szechuan red oil wonton, aka “Hong Yo Chao Shou”, is originated from Szechuan province of China, where it is well known for its rich and bold, pungent and spicy favour from lavish use of chilli, garlic, and szechuan peppercorn. Sounds hot and spicy? Oh yeah! I love hot and spicy food, and yes I very… Continue reading Szechuan Red Oil Wonton

Hotpot! Hotpot!

Hotpot has been a popular choice of meals in Asian food culture. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean love to have hotpot in cold winter days. On the centre of a round dining table, a pot filled with simmering broth, meat, seafood, vegetable, and other ingredients is ready to serve. Around the pot there are vareities of… Continue reading Hotpot! Hotpot!