Timelapse in Yehliu

For some time I’ve been thinking about getting an action camera to document my tour experiences, and finally I’ve got myself a DJI Osmo Action. Having seen many amazing timelapse videos online, I’d like to get familiar with my DJI by making timelapse.

Yesterday David and I went to Yehliu Geopark for photoshoot. David wanted to shoot rock formation and I wanted to make timelapse. The weather was definitely not on our side as it was cloudy and hazy. That is okay as we will go back more than once anyway. The geopark was very quite amid the coronavirus outbreak and only a few local people visited the park. The famous Queen’s Head and other remarkable naturally-formed rock formations such as Ice Cream Rock and Mushroom Rocks are on the seabed as usual. I didn’t spend time visiting the rocks as my agenda of the day is Timelapse 101.

Examples as below from different settings

There are lots to explore! Will revisit on a better weather 😊😊

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