Re-creating Dad’s Cooking – Take 1

Dad was a great cook, and he loved to eat, cook, and share. When I was little dad used to make crunchy and crispy shrimp pancakes.  Well, back in those days there was no fancy culinary jargon to describe dad’s cooking, and my sister and I simply called it “yummy deep-fried shrimp cake”.

Dad used small shrimps, and we had no idea the name of it.  I tried to recreate this dish by getting the right type of shrimps although it might be a long shot.  As Taiwan is known for sakura shrimp, or sakura ebi, I am using sakura shrimp to recreate the recipe.


I try to think like dad. What would dad do?

It’s very simple recipe. Just flour, salt, water, green onion, and sakura shrimp.

Somehow I put an egg into the mixture.


In terms of flavour and texture, the sakura shrimp pancake is pretty good. However that is not my recollection of dad’s recipe.  That is okay and I am going to do it again 🙂

Sakura Shrimp Pancake Salad

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