Today is a day that deserves a blog-post

Taipei street photography
The market moment

Today is a day that deserves a blog-post.

Back in April David and I had a half-day photo session with one guest who is passionate about food and photography. We had been zig-zagging between narrow alleys in old Taipei neighbourhood capturing street vibes, and after the photo session the guest went straight back to the market with his camera and continued to capture more market moments.

How do I know that? Because I was with him and his family having a food tour where he was busy at shooting pictures and the family was busy at eating street food and buying fresh fruits. 🙂

Anyways, after our friend returned home he asked David for an one-on-one online learning session. For a longtime I haven’t seen anyone who gets so inspired from a photo session and eager to learn more.

The fruit and veg stall
Now while the guys are chatting about street photography, printing, potential competition images and so on, I am sitting in front of my laptop and writing this post very quietly. Oh well, it’s one of these days 🙂

Taipei street photography
Taipei market moment

Photo credits: David Thompson Stills

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