Duck Blood – The beginning and the final touch

Many Taiwanese people love mala hotpot, and they can have it all year round.

One essential ingredient for mala hotpot is duck blood. Oh yes duck blood 🙂 🙂 🙂  Soft and jello-like duck blood cooked in hot and spicy broth until it’s packed with flavour. Duck blood usually is a good indicator to determine if the hotpot place achieves the minimum requirement.

Duck Blood in Mala Hotpot
Duck Blood in Mala Hotpot

What I really like about mala hotpot is that after you eat all the meats, seafoods and other yummy stuff, I always cook some instant noodle in the pot.  Just bathe the noodle in the flavourful broth for 30 seconds, and top with some yummy goodie duck blood and leek. It’s a perfect closure for this course and now you can move on to dessert 🙂 20190626_1319141399815334.jpg

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