See you next year!

The Duan Wu long weekend is finally over. This year I have tried to constrain myself from eating too much Zong Zi, aka rice dumpling, as it is very easy to have one too many.

My buddy has brought me some Jianshui Zong made by his mother.  I like this kind of Zong Zi with a jello-like texture. Unlike conventional Zong Zi, Jianshui Zong is served cold so I can have it like a refreshing dessert.

What is Jianshui Zong anyway?  Jianshui is lye water or alkaline water. Yup yup! The rice is soaked in the lye water before before proceeding to assembly. Why lye water? Lye water is used in Chinese cooking as texture enhancer. Once the rice is soaked in lye water, it will become soft and turn into amber colour once cooked.


jianshui zong
JIanshui Zong

Here is my favour part. Eating!!

Jianshui zong is better served cold.  My favour way to eat jianshui zong is to dip in syrup. Can’t you see this small piece of jianshui zong is trying to dive into the syrup and I am using a folk for rescue?

JIanshui zong dipped in syrup
Jianshui zong dipped in syrup

According to the Chinese solar terms, summer officially starts after Duan Wu. I will have to say bye bye to my favourite jianshui zong until next year 🙂

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