Szechuan Red Oil Wonton

Szechuan red oil wonton, aka “Hong Yo Chao Shou”, is originated from Szechuan province of China, where it is well known for its rich and bold, pungent and spicy favour from lavish use of chilli, garlic, and szechuan peppercorn.

Sounds hot and spicy? Oh yeah!

I love hot and spicy food, and yes I very much like this dish. Silky wonton wrapper filled with lightly-seasoned ground pork, laying on the red hot chilli sauce.  It’s usually served as an appetizer or a snack between meals.  Two major components makes this delicious dish – wonton and red hot chilli sauce. You can buy wontons in the Asian food section in supermarket or make your own.  It’s not difficult to make if you know how to make tortellini soup.  Both wonton wrapper and tortellini pasta are square. Once the wonton wrapper is filled with ground pork lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, minced ginger, dash of rice wine and sesame oil, the rest is no different from shaping a tortellini. Fold into a triangle and join the bottom two corners to form a tortellini shape. You don’t have to join the corners as long as meat filling is well sealed. In this way your wontons have long tails which differentiate the visual of tortellini.

Red hot chilli oil is definitely the soul of the dish.  You can buy it in the supermarket or make your own.  Just heat up half cup of cooking oil, add 2 tablespoons of Szechuan peppercorns and 2 tablespoons of chilli flakes. Cook over medium heat until the peppercorns turn brown. Strain, cool, and Viola!  The rest is easy. Simply mix soy sauce, red hot chilli oil, a dash of dark vinegar, pureed garlic, salt and pepper, and you’re ready.

I love the tingling sensation generated by the heat mixed with the juicy flavour of the meat, followed by the tart taste of the vinegar which refresh your palette. So you can have another bite and repeat the process. The cycle of flavours really hook me up to this delectable dish, and I can never get enough of the spice!

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