Beef Noodle – One of the Greatest Foods Invented in Human History ❤



Actually I can name quite a few including peanut butter , chocolate, dumpling, and pizza. But beef noodle trumps them all.

I remember the first beef noodle experience when I was 6 or 7. Long white noodles in aromatic broth topped with chunky beef and chopped green onion. You can add red hot chilli sauce to make it hot and spicy. One bite of beef, one bite of noodle, and one scoop of soup. The combination of juicy beef, tender noodle, and tasty soup made me a happy kid.

Noodle matters!

You can choose different noodle type from thin noodles like spaghetti, medium size noodle like fettuccini, or big flat one like half size of lasagne.

Every restaurant has its own beef soup recipe, but there is one thing in common – The beef must have perfect texture as overcooked is as bad as undercooked. 😉 The beef should be tender and retain its structure.

Leek or green onion always add a nice touch to the flavour. My favourite condiment is garlic. YES GARLIC! Garlic adds on extra layer of the flavour and elevates the overall beef noodle experience to a higher level.

You can have it all year round. It makes you sweat in summer and keeps you warm in winter. It’s pleasing, it’s enjoyable, and it’s simply comforting.

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