Minced Pork Rice, Braised Pork Rice, Lu Rou Fan, or Rou Zao Fan?

In terms of Taiwanese food, the names vary depending on which region you are in Taiwan, but they all mean the same thing – A bowl of steamed rice topped with delicious dark amber colour pork sauce.

It is one of the most common street food in Taiwan. There are dozens of recipes online, but the basic recipe is very simple. Finely chopped pork belly (with skin on as the yummy flavour comes from the fatty skin) is stir-fried with chopped shallots, and cooked in soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, and five spice for a couple of hours.

Doesn’t it sound like cooking Bolognese sauce, only replacing a couple of ingredient?

Once the minced pork sauce is done, you can use the sauce on rice or noodle. The resulting dish is tasty, comfy, and you just can’t get enough out of it.

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