My comfie moment

You might have eaten this dish in a Dim Sum restaurant. Hot and juicy steamed pork spare ribs with fermented bean sauce in bamboo steamers, nicely stacked in a trolly cart, served to your table by a waiter or waitress. You are eating the food with a pot of hot jasmine or oolong tea, chatting with your friends, and enjoying the delightful dim sum experience.

I have found a large size of steamed pork ribs in noodle shop in Taipei , and it is one of the most delightful moments I have ever had.

Hot and juicy spared ribs with hot chilli and fermented bean sauce is always my favorite dim sum dish. The aroma of fermented bean with a hint of heat, succulent and tender meat, and savory sauce. All of these combined create a great satisfaction and I can never stop eating. If this is not comfort food, what is?

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