Timelapse in Yehliu

For some time I’ve been thinking about getting an action camera to document my tour experiences, and finally I’ve got myself a DJI Osmo Action. Having seen many amazing timelapse videos online, I’d like to get familiar with my DJI by making timelapse. Yesterday David and I went to Yehliu Geopark for photoshoot. David wanted… Continue reading Timelapse in Yehliu

Nice walk at night market!

The coronavirus really get people’s nerves. Compare to the neighbouring countries, Taiwan has fewer confirmed cases. Because of the SARS experience in the past, people are more attentive to their surrounding in order not to get infected. Amid of the decreasing numbers of international travellers and tourists, it is more relaxing to walk at night… Continue reading Nice walk at night market!

Today is a day that deserves a blog-post

Today is a day that deserves a blog-post. Back in April David and I had a half-day photo session with one guest who is passionate about food and photography. We had been zig-zagging between narrow alleys in old Taipei neighbourhood capturing street vibes, and after the photo session the guest went straight back to the… Continue reading Today is a day that deserves a blog-post

Duck Blood – The beginning and the final touch

Many Taiwanese people love mala hotpot, and they can have it all year round. One essential ingredient for mala hotpot is duck blood. Oh yes duck blood 🙂 🙂 🙂  Soft and jello-like duck blood cooked in hot and spicy broth until it’s packed with flavour. Duck blood usually is a good indicator to determine… Continue reading Duck Blood – The beginning and the final touch